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Christmas trees


Foliar fertilization Christmas trees and cut plants

The special appearance of Christmas trees and cut plants depends on the growth form, coloring of the fir needle and the typical fir needle smell. These factors are decisive for the attainable market price.

To improve the quality of the trees and thereby guarantee the yield or the production of cut plants, we recommend our range of products for a purposeful foliar fertilization.


Improvement of the efficiency and compatibility of the herbicide sprayings by Herbosol®

The young trees can hardly suppress weeds in their youth development, because weeds show a faster formation development. Therefore, an extensive weed-free soil  is a presupposition for the development of the trees.

A component to reach this aim is Herbosol® - an additive to the soil herbicides.

The addition of Herbosol®- improves the efficiency of the herbicide treatment, because the fine drop rate is reduced and thereby a better distribution of the herbicides is reached, and the erosion of the active substances to deeper soil shifts is prevented.

For the improvement of the initial conditions of the seedlings a immerse treatment with Aminosol® is recommended before planting. This measure leads  to the development of a compact and resistant plant.

Protection against deer/hair game losses

The application of Aminosol® serves as a protection against deer and hair game losses. The typical smell of Aminosol® is perceived much stronger by hair game than by human beings. That is, why treated cultures are avoided.

Application: steep 2 ls / ha Aminosol® with 2 ls of water and leave 2 - 3 days. The solution can be sprayed with the required water quantity in a conventional way or one dips felt/fleece in this solution and hangs them up in the Christmas tree plots.


Soil analyses (P, K, Mg, pH value) give information about the nutrient salary in soil and enable to carry out an aimed fertilization of the missing nutrients. The pH value of the soil is an important characteristic for value the availability of nutrients in the soil.

Needle analyses should be pulled in the dormand period between November and  the end of March.  The needle analyses supplement the values of the soil examination in the area of the micronutrients. A needle analysis shows the present coverage of the plant.

A latent nutrient lack obviously is difficult  to explain by the needles, therefore, needle analyses make sense. If a lack should be stated in the nutrient area, this can be considered with the fertilization in spring.

Application of foliar fertilizers in Christmas trees

For the improvement of the starting conditions of the seedlings a immerse treatment with Aminosol® is recommended before planting. This measure leads to the development of a compact and resistant plant. Christmas trees have a distinct winter rest.
Therefore, the point of the foliar fertilization decides on the success of the measure. The best moment for a foliar fertilization is from middle of May till the middle of September.

An improved quality of Christmas trees takes place with an optimized phosphorus, - potassium and magnesium care. Just for the improvement of the initial development and the energy- and hydrologic balance a weighed out phosphorus and potassium care is required. We recommend you moreover the application of 1 - 3 times 6 - 8 ls / ha Lebosol®-PK-Max.

magnesium-deficiency christmas tree

Christmas trees need magnesium for the coloration of the needles. Normally a magnesium lack becomes visible from the middle of September. It comes to a yellow coloring of the older needle volumes. The magnesium demand must be accessible to the cultures in time, because the needles close in September, so that nutrients can hardly be taken via  needle.

We recommend you for the improvement of the needle quality the application of 2 - 3 times 3 - 5 l/ha Lebosol®-MagSOFT SC during the vegetation period.

With the trace elements, however, copper (Cu) but also manganese (Mn) cause most of the problems

Copper is bound in the soil to the organic substance and so little mobile. A lack leads to a bad nitrogen utilization and to thin-walled cells with bad firmness. So the predisposition for pest- and fungal infestation is raised.

Increasingly damages appear in the Christmas tree cultivation, particularly on compressed extreme locations. These are due to a faulty manganese care of the needles. The youngest needles show gone yellow fabric portions with dots, the chlorophyll is diminished and the needles lose their green color.

In stress situations, e.g., after hails, waterlogging, cold or aridity, an application of 4 - 6 l/ha Lebosol®-Total Care has proved itself.

Therefore, to cover the  trace nutrient need of your culture, we recommend the application of 2 – 4 times 4 – 6 l/ha ha VITALoSol® GOLD SC, for a better vitalization and photosynthesis performance and also to rise the resistance and winter hardness.

Main recommendations

Aim/Problem Recommendation Time
Improvement in effectiveness and tolerability of soil-applied herbicides 0,2 - 0,6 l/ha Herbosol® (Increase to 0.6 l/ha on light soils with a low humus content; reduce to 0.2 l/ha for heavy soils with a high humus content.) With soil-applied herbicides
Root formation, growth, initial development Aminosol® (Immerse the plants in a solution of 1% or alternatively water with 5 - 10 l/ha) Before new planting
Improvement in effectiveness and tolerability of plant protection products 150 - 300 ml Aminosol® (per 100 l spray water) With plant protection products
To cover periods with poor growth conditions 4 - 6 l/ha Lebosol®-Total Care In the event of stress at the site
Initial development, vitality, energy and water balance, N efficiency 1 - 3 times 6 - 8 l/ha Lebosol®-PK-Max From budding
Bud and shoot development 2 - 3 times 1 - 2 l/ha Lebosol®-AqueBor SC From budding
Vitalisation, photosynthesis rate, resilience, N efficiency, winter hardiness 2 - 4 times 3 - 4 l/ha Lebosol®-Schwefel 800 SC +
2 - 4 times 0,25 - 0,75 l/ha Lebosol®-Kupfer 350 SC +
2 - 4 times 1 l/ha Lebosol®-Mangan GOLD SCor2 - 4 times 4 - 6 l/ha VITALoSol® GOLD SC
From budding
Prevention and alleviation of iron chlorosis, improvement in water transport, leaf quality 2 - 3 times 3 - 7 l/ha Lebosol®-Eisen-Citrat GOLD During the vegetation period
To prevent premature leaf drop; increased vitality, leaf quality, photosynthesis rate 2 - 3 times 3 - 5 l/ha Lebosol®-MagSOFT SC During the vegetation period
Treated crops are avoided by furred game 2 l Aminosol® (With 2 l water 2 - 3 days beforehand, quantity for 1 ha) When required