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Fruiting vegetables


Foliar fertilization in fruit vegetables

The foliar fertilization in vegetables, e.g. tomatos, paprika, cucumber, is well established in the professional production since many years. One advantage of foliar fertilization will be the fast availability and 

effectiviness of the nutrients especially if nutrients are not sufficient available in the soil (blocked by pH-value or weather conditions).

Stimulating growth under stress conditions

In weather-related stress-situations (e.g. cold, wet, dry) plants are suffering and can be supported with a direct application of amino acids with the product Aminosol®. Aminosol®  will stimulate the formation of protein and carbohydrates through a direct supply with amino acids. This leads to an improved metabolism and photosynthesis efficiency.

But also replanting can cause stress for young vegetable plants. Seedlings can be diped directly in an Aminosol® solution for better and faster root growth.

The application of herbicides can cause physiological plant stress as well. Aminosol® will help the plant to overcome stress after herbicide application and to metabolise herbicide active substances.

If it comes to the application with soil herbicides, we recommend the combination with our adjuvant Herbosol®. Herbosol will improve the stability and reliability of the herbicide without washing out (heavy rain) and shifting of active incrediants into the soil.

End of flowering blight through calcium deficiency

Calcium deficiency will cause reduced fruit stability, end of flowering blight, burned leaf edges and rolled up leaves. The foliar fertilizer and salt-free formulation Lebosol®-Calcium-Forte SC will help to optimize the calcium nutrition without any crop damages. These calcium deficiencies can occur if nitrogen and potassium are oversupplied (nutrient antagonism) and blocking the uptake with calcium.

Potassium are essential for shelf life and storage stability

An optimized nutrition with potassium (Lebosol®-Kalium 450) can improve the shelf life and storage stability of vegetables and even the coloration (e.g. tomatos).

Flowering, fruit setting & yield

Boron in combination with calcium (Lebosol®-Robustus SC) and zinc (Lebosol®-Zinc 700 SC) are crucial for flowering and the fruit setting. These products should be applied before the flowering.

Resistance and vitality

The application with phosphonates - Lebosol®-Kalium-Plus or Lebosol®-Magnesium-Plus  in combination with contact fungicides can help to keep plants healthy and strengthen the vitality. The plants are more robust and less susceptible for diseases. Several treatments with Lebosol®-Kalium-Plus or Lebosol®-Magnesium-Plus will enhance plants health and quality.

Micro-nutrients for stimulating leaf health and quality

Foliar fertilizer with micronutrients can enhance plants health and can avoid chlorosis, leaf spots and other critical symptoms related to quality.  A complete plant analysis can help to evaluate the level of nutrient supply, to optimize fertilization for high yield and quality.

Main recommendations

Aim/Problem Recommendation Time
Improvement in effectiveness and tolerability of soil-applied herbicides 0,2 - 0,6 l/ha Herbosol® (Increase to 0.6 l/ha on light soils with a low humus content; reduce to 0.2 l/ha for heavy soils with a high humus content.) With soil-applied herbicides
Promotion of root formation, growth 5 - 10 l/ha Aminosol® 7 - 10 days after planting
Improvement in effectiveness and tolerability of plant protection products 150 - 300 ml Aminosol® (per 100 l spray water) With plant protection products
To cover periods with poor growth conditions 4 - 6 l/ha Lebosol®-Total Care In the event of stress at the site
Improvement in flowering quality, fruit set, calcium transport, fruit quality 2 - 3 times 2 l/ha Lebosol®-Robustus SC +
2 - 3 times 0,5 l/ha Lebosol®-Zink 700 SC
First flower buds visible before frost
Increase in fruit firmness, storage stability and resistance to bud rot 3 - 4 times 4 - 6 l/ha Lebosol®-Calcium-Forte SC From fruit set
Improvement in leaf quality, chlorophyll, vitality, photosynthesis rate 2 - 3 times 3 - 5 l/ha Lebosol®-MagSOFT SC Once sufficient leaf mass has developed
Initial development, vitality, energy and water balance, N efficiency 1 - 2 times 5 l/ha Lebosol®-Magphosor1 - 2 times 6 - 8 l/ha Lebosol®-PK-Max Once sufficient leaf mass has developed
Improvement in quality and shelf life 2 - 4 times 5 l/ha Lebosol®-Kalium 450 Once sufficient leaf mass has developed
Photosynthesis rate, internal quality, vitalisation 2 - 4 times 4 - 6 l/ha VITALoSol® GOLD SC Once sufficient leaf mass has developed
Improvement in leaf quality, photosynthesis rate, N efficiency 2 - 3 times 1 l/ha Lebosol®-Mangan GOLD SC Once sufficient leaf mass has developed
Yield, vitality, improvement in nodulation 1 - 2 times 0,25 l/ha Lebosol®-Molybdän Once sufficient leaf mass has developed
Treated crops are avoided by furred game 2 l Aminosol® (With 2 l water 2 - 3 days beforehand (quantity for 1 ha)) When required
Treated crops are avoided by mice 3 - 5 times 5 l/ha Lebosol®-Schwefel 800 OD When required
Boosting of resistance to illness 2 - 5 times 2 - 3 l/ha Lebosol®-Kalium-Plus When required