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Foliar fertilization in hop cultivation

A successful hop cultivation needs an optimal care of the plants with nutrients. The essential main nutrients in the hop cultivation are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. The basic care should be guaranteed via soil, at the same time soil examinations should be made regularly.

Besides essential soil examinations the aid of the complex plants analysis has established itself to the supplement of these results during the last years in the hop cultivation.

With the help of these examinations the "performance" of the soil can be stated and an aimed supplement of  nutrients - to the increase of quality and yield – can be planned.

In the hop cultivation the execution of a complex plants analysis is possible as follows:

At the middle of the season (at the middle of June - at the end of July) just fully developed leaves:

The result of the complex plants analysis - hop during the last years proved, that with the macronutrients particularly the phosphorus and potassium care lay with more than half of the examined tests in the undersupplied area.

Older leaves are color weakly to dirtily orange and possess small brown points at the leaf bottoms.


Potassium lack expresses itself by brightening the older leaves from the leaf border, which later look like brown leaf border combustions, with phosphorus lack the leaves remain small and brownish-green.



With the micronutrients, particularly the elements zinc and boron possess a bigger meaning for the hop cultivation.

If a high pH value is present in the soil in connection with a high phosphate content, it can come to a zinc lack (picture on the left) in the hop, because both phenomena limit the nutrient availability of zinc.

Typical zinc-lack symptoms in the hop are a rammed growth as well as the discoloration of the leaves in the light green with curvature and twist of the leaves, the so-called "leaf curl".

The hop loses growth propensity, the number of the flourish forming decreases up to complete infertility. Sharply serrated, small leaves and a sparse look provide an appearance as stinging nettle.

With a bad flourish as well as a decreased fruit setting we should think about a lack of boron. A Cause can be a high content  of nitrogen and calcium, but also a low ground care. Cold, wet, aridity and high ground pH values promote the appearance of  a boron lack.

For the improvement of the bud- and shoot-development and the guarantee of high quality we recommend 3 – 5 applications of 0,3 – 0,5 l/ha Lebosol®-Zink 700 SC plus 1 - 2 l/ha Lebosol®- AqueBor SC.

Aminosol® - to prevent damage due to browsing by game

If it comes to game damages on account of the position of the hop culture, e.g. at the edge of a forest or close to game tracks, the application of Aminosol® is recommended.

By its typical, very distinct, upsetting smell hair game avoids the treated culture.

Resistance force and vitality by potassium phosphonates.

As in many other special cultures the application of phosphonates has proved itself in practice since lot of years.

During the season several applications of Lebosol®-Kalium-Plus supports, from a growth height of 0.5 m, the plants body’s defences  and preserve leaf quality and -health.

Main recommendations

Aim/Problem Recommendation Time
Improvement in effectiveness and tolerability of plant protection products 150 - 300 ml Aminosol® (per 100 l spray water) With plant protection products
Increasing stress tolerance 2 - 3 l/ha Aminosol® In the event of stress at the site
Bud and shoot development, quality 3 - 5 times 0,3 - 0,5 l/ha Lebosol®-Zink 700 SC +
3 - 5 times 1 - 2 l/ha Lebosol®-AqueBor SC
0.5 m growth height to beginning of flowering
Energy and water balance, N efficiency 2 - 5 times 5 l/ha Lebosol®-Kalium 450or2 - 5 times 6 - 8 l/ha Lebosol®-PK-Max 0.5 m growth height to beginning of flowering
Improvement in leaf quality, photosynthesis rate, N efficiency, vitalisation and resilience 2 - 4 times 3 - 4 l/ha Lebosol®-Schwefel 800 SC +
2 - 4 times 1 l/ha Lebosol®-Mangan GOLD SCor2 - 4 times 4 - 6 l/ha VITALoSol® GOLD SC
0.5 m growth height to beginning of flowering
Improvement in leaf quality, chlorophyll, vitality, photosynthesis rate 2 - 3 times 3 - 5 l/ha Lebosol®-MagSOFT SC 0.5 m growth height to beginning of flowering
Boosting of resistance to illness 2 - 5 times 2 - 4 l/ha Lebosol®-Kalium-Plus 0.5 m growth height to beginning of flowering
Treated crops are avoided by furred game 2 l Aminosol® (With 2 l water 2 - 3 days beforehand (quantity for 1 ha)) When required