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Sunflowers requesting a warm, dry climate with an average temperature of at least 15.5 degrees Celsius between May and September. 

Suitable areas for optimal growth are classic maize regions (Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraina).


Herbicide application

Sunflowers are less competitive to weeds in the early growth stage (up to 6-leaf-stage).

To improve the long-lasting herbicide activity, Herbosol® as an adjuvant will enhance the efficacy of soil herbicides. Herbosol with 0,4 l/ha will improve the stability and reliability of the herbicide without washing out (heavy rain) and shifting of active incrediants into the soil.

Reduction of stress

Weather conditions (e.g. cold, heat stress, dry weather) or herbicide applications can cause physiological plant stress.  Aminosol® (amino acids) will help to reduce physiological stress and can be combined directly with the herbicide post-emerge application with  2 – 3 l/ha Aminosol®.

Plant nutrition

Sunflowers have an extensive root system and can utilize and uptake nutrients from the soil. Based on a soil analysis and results an appropriate soil fertilization with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur or magnesium can be carried out.

Sunflowers are sensitive to high N-application which can cause a late harvest and increased susceptibility to diseases.

Difficult weather conditions in spring – e.g. cold and wet – can reduce and limiting the availability for potassium and phosphorus in the soil. For sufficient supply the application with Lebosol®-PK-Max from 4-leaf-stage will help and support the early growth.

In addition, for high and stable yield and quality a sufficient supply with magnesium and sulpher is mandatory. The foliar fertilizer Lebosol®-MagSOFT SC can be applied for magnesium and sulphur fertilization.

Micro- nutrients

Sufficient boron supply is very important to sunflowers, especially on sandy soils, high pH-values and regions with early summer dryness. The undersupply with boron becomes visible on the leaves and the stem which will show some damages. The whole plant can die off because of the lack of the micro-nutrient. To avoid such crop damages and to enhance optimized growth an application with Lebosol®-AqueBor SC with a dose rate of 1.5 l/ha and 2-3 applications, beginning at the 4-leaf stage, will be sufficient.

Besides the boron, sunflowers are requesting a sufficient copper supply. An undersupply with copper will restrict plant growth and the yield potential. For high yield and quality approximately 100-150 g/ha Cu with a foliar application are necessary.

Another micro-nutrient - manganese – will be essential for the photosynthesis, the assimilation and finally high yield and oil content. Sunflowers are requesting between 400 - 600 g/ha Mn depending on the yield potential.

VITALoSoL® GOLD SC is the perfect product and combines all three micronutrients copper, manganese and sulphur in 1 product. Based on many years practical experience we recommend a dose rate of 1.5-3.0 l/ha.

Besides the basic nutrition, VITALoSoL® GOLD SC applied at a dose rate of 4 – 6 l/ha will strengthen the plants, stimulate plant health and reduce the susceptibility against diseases. Synergise can be expected in spray sequenzes with plant protection products.

Leaf analysis will help to understand the level of nutrient supply and to ensure best yield and quality. Also a not visible lack of nutrients will limit the yield (Liebig’s barrel).

Main recommendations

Aim/Problem Recommendation Time
Improvement in effectiveness and tolerability of soil-applied herbicides 0,2 - 0,6 l/ha Herbosol® (increase to 0.6 l/ha on light soils with a low humus content, reduce to 0.2 l/ha for heavy soils with a high humus content) With soil-applied herbicides
Improvement in effectiveness and tolerability of post-emergence herbicide sprays or generally to boost stress tolerance 2 - 3 l/ha Aminosol® With post-emergence herbicides, in extreme weather conditions
Resilience - manganese and copper 2 l/ha Lebosol®-Mangan GOLD SC +
0,5 l/ha Lebosol®-Kupfer 350 SCor 1,5 - 3 l/ha VITALoSol® GOLD SC
From 4-leaf stage
Yield and vitality, macronutrients 2 times 6 l/ha Lebosol®-PK-Max From 4-leaf stage
Yield and vitality, macronutrients 1 - 2 times 3 - 5 l/ha Lebosol®-MagSOFT SC From 4-leaf stage
Improvement in resistance to illness, yield, oil content 4 - 6 l/ha VITALoSol® GOLD SC From 4-leaf stage
Yield and vitality, micronutrients 2 - 3 times 1 l/ha Lebosol®-AqueBor SC From 4-leaf stage