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Lebosol® Dünger GmbH / Wiesengasse 28 / 67471 Iggelbach / Germany

CEO: Rene Verdaasdonk, Mathias Bork

+49 6303 999 70-700 / info@lebosol.de

 1. Hazardous Incident Ordinance

Information for the public

According to 12. BimSchV - Accident Prevention Regulation


Lebosol® Dünger GmbH

Wiesengasse 28

67471 Iggelbach


Operating range as defined in the Accident Prevention Regulation

Lebosol® Dünger GmbH

Junkers-Straße 2

67681 Sembach


At the enterprise area as mentioned above, the company is an operating area within the meaning of the 12. BimSchV (Accident Prevention Regulation). The operating area was indicated to the Structure- and Approval Department South (SGD-Süd), Division 23, Karl-Helfferich-Straße 2, 67433 Neustadt an der  Weinstraße, as an operating area of the lower class according to § 7.

The company is manufacturer and provider of foliar fertilizers. These foliar fertilizers are specific fertilizers which are supplying the plant with agents over the leaf. For the production of these fertilizers substances are stored, which represent an environment endangering in concentrated form, as well as substances which can lead to an endangering in case of a fire. Further a foliar fertilizer is produced in a simple procedure by a chemical transformation.

The dangerous materials which are used in the operating area as mentioned above, and which lead to an endangering within the meaning of the Accident Prevention Regulation, are subject to the following danger classifications:



Hazardous to the environment

The named substances are stored secured according to regulations. An incident is possible, even if very improbably in practice.

In the event of an incident and a possible endangering of the public, the surrounding inhabitants are informed within the framework of public danger warning. This can happen with loudspeaker announcements or by radio broadcasting informations.

The last on-site-inspection of the authority took place in November 2020. An inspection cadence of 3 years is fixed.

For further information please contact us.

Lebosol® Dünger GmbH

Junkers-Straße 2

67681 Sembach

phone: +496303 999700

E-Mail: bimschg@lebosol.de

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Division 23,

Karl-Helfferich-Straße 2

67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

Phone: 06321 99-0

E-Mail: referat23@sgdsued.rlp.de

Information on online dispute resolution in accordance with Art. 14 Para. 1 ODR-VO The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS), which you can find at
Our email adress: info@lebosol.de