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Our approach

When mixing foliar fertilisers and plant protection products, it should be ensured that the products are tolerated by the crop and are technically miscible.

Flocculation, crystallisation or slime formation can occur in the spray tank itself. These problems often arise due to the mixing partners being added in the wrong order, but also due to unknown properties of the water used (water hardness + pH value).

Lebosol® products can usually be mixed with standard plant protection products. However, as not all of the influences that occur in practice are foreseeable, a test mix using a small amount of the product intended for the spray is always appropriate.

The aim of the mixture is to cut down on work processes while also making the most of the synergistic effect of the individual components!

Lebosol® always endeavours to provide you with comprehensive advice on applying our products. This also includes research into the miscibility of our products both between each other and also with common plant protection products.

Miscibility methodology

In the company’s own laboratory, the miscibility of Lebosol® products is regularly tested with mixing partners under the following conditions:

Standardised lab conditions

  • 100 ml mixing cylinder
  • Concentrations calculated for 100 ml water
  • Samples are not left to stand for more than 2 hours


  • Water quantity 0.1 ltr.
  • Soft water with 5 °dH
  • Hard water with 30 °dH
  • Water temperature approx. 20 °C

Mixing partners

  • Highest possible quantity used with the smallest amount of water (unless otherwise stated)
  • Branded products – no generic products


  • Any order

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