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Best options right from the start: Nutrients directly dressed to seeds

Additional seed treatment with fertilizer

to enhance germination and early growth

On-seed application for optimized growth at early stage

An optimized nutrition with essential nutrients can support the early crop development. High or low pH-values can influence the availability of nutrients. Weather and soil conditions (e.g. dry, cold, wet, compressions) can limit the availability of nutrients in the soil as well.
These conditions are resulting in insufficient uptake of nutrients. Crops respond to such stress with poor germination, reduced growth and reduced winter hardiness. Besides that, crops will be more susceptible to diseases.

For optimized yield and early crop development, we recommend the additional on-seed application with

4 ltr. Lebosol®-Total Care / t of seeds

Lebosol®-Total Care can be applied in combination with a standard fungicide seed treatment. Plants with an optimized and balanced nutrition can manage early growth stress much better. 
Besides the better and early growth of your crops, a seed treatment with nutrients in autumn will give you more flexibility in terms of further foliar application and unfavourable weather conditions.

Practical experience


Winter wheat November 2017  – Seed dressed without fertilizer

Seed additionally dressed with Lebosol®-Total Care
Significant difference in growth, above ground as well as in root development. A clear head start for the seeds that benefit from being fertilized with Lebosol-TotalCare.
(Field trial winter wheat „RGT Reform“, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 2017)

Seed dressing with Lebosol®-Total Care

Nutrient availability for early crops or for the emerging seeds is difficult due to:

  • dryness
  • pH value
  • waterlogging