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INNOVATION: Lebosol®-QuadroMaxS SC


Demands on agriculture are constantly changing. There are new legal regulations as well as scientific and technical advances.

The new fertiliser regulation sets new standards with regard to targeted plant nutrition. New, high-performing varieties have their own requirements when it comes to optimum nutrition. Both need to work in harmony in the future. We set ourselves this challenge as a fertiliser manufacturer. In our development department, many busy hands are involved every day in looking for the optimum combination of nutrients and formulating these in a way that allows them to be taken in by the plant evenly and gently.

This work has led to our latest product – Lebosol®-QuadroMaxS SC as a further development of our proven Lebosol®-QuadroS SC.

It contains the latest formulation technology for the efficient, complete intake of the elements. The revised combination of manganese, copper, zinc, and sulphur is coordinated even better to the needs of the plants.

All of the familiar properties of Lebosol®-QuadroS SC, such as its ease of use and good miscibility, have been retained.

The high concentration of nutrients in one product reduces the amount of product used and protects the environment. This combination of nutrients is especially well-suited to increasing N efficiency. What’s more, each of these elements plays an important role in activating the plant’s own defences (resistance induction).

Lebosol® - our day-to-day mission is an optimum nutrient supply for plants coupled with products that are very user-friendly.

  •  Further development of Lebosol® QuadroS SC
  • Combination of nutrients better coordinated to the needs of the plant (80 g/l Cu, 125 g/l Mn, 100 g/l Zn, 305 g/l S)
  • Targeted nutrition for high-performing and discerning varieties
  • A component in increasing N efficiency
  • Highly tolerable formulation
  • Easy handling
  • Good miscibility


Key recommendation arable farming

• 1.5 - 2 l/ha Lebosol®-QuadroMaxS SC

Key recommendation vegetable cultivation

• 1 - 2 times 1.5 - 3 l/ha Lebosol®-QuadroMaxS SC