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NEW: Lebosol®-Zitronensäure

Lebosol®-Zitronensäure: Reduction of the pH value

of the spray water

Lebosol®-Zitronensäure lowers and buffers the pH value of the spray water. The pH value is a degree of the sour or basic character of a watery solution. The pH value is indicated in a dimensionless scale from pH 1 (sourly) to pH 14 (alkaline). Therefore pH 7 describes a neutral solution. An optimal pH value of the spray water for the application with pesticides lies between 4.5 and 6.

Problems arise out of the process of alkaline hydrolysis with high pH values of the spray water.

Always add Lebosol®-Zitronensäure to the spray tank first:

  • Reduction of the pH value pf the spray
  • Prevention of alkaline hydrolysis

Application rate:

0,02 % (corresponds to 20 ml/100 l spray water)