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Digital field trial tour at our trial site Üplingen



... at our digital field trial tour at our trial site Üplingen. We hereby use the digital media to inform you this year about an attempt at seed dressing with Lebosol®-Total Care.
If you have any questions about the tests or the products used, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialist advisors.

Our tip: watch videos in full screen mode!

Trial field location

Üplingen, near Magdeburg at the beginning of the "Magdeburger Börde"

The experiments created answer questions on how to strengthen the plant against drought stress and make the exposure to high sunlight more tolerable for the plant.


Heat and Radiation Stress

Trial seed dressing with Lebosol®-Total Care

Nutrient availability for early crops or for the emerging seeds is difficult due to:

  • dryness
  • pH value
  • Waterlogging

Soil conditions and climate


To the location

Soil quality: Black soil

Rainfall distribution: approx. 560 mm / year

In the past two years 2018/2019 and this year, the required rainfall was not achieved.