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Boron (B)

About boron

Boron availability is low on sandy soil, at high content of nitrogen or calcium, during cold or in waterlogged or very dry soils.

Symptoms of boron deficiency

Boron deficiency is shown by bursting of tissue, perishing of the growing points, heart and dry rot, bad blossom quality and reduced fruit setting, deformed fruits.


 What is boron important for?

  • Flower quality and fruit set
  • The frost tolerance of the flowers
  • Cell wall formation/cell wall stability
  • Pollen tube development and the pollen germination rate
  • Part of enzymes (auxins)
  • For the meristem development/lower leaves - young fruit
  • Cell division

Whereby boron deficiency is enhanced?

  • High pH value
  • Sandy soil
  • High nitrogen fertilisation
  • Dryness
  • Coldness and moisture