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Manganese (Mn)

About manganese

Manganese availability is low on humic, sandy, friable soils, on soils with a high pH-value and during cold and wet conditions.

Symptomes of manganese deficiency

Manganese deficiency is shown by yellowing of leaves, black spots on the leaf, light green mottling between main veins, loss to quality, eg. poor skin finish in potatoes.

What is manganese important for?

  • Activation of numerous enzymatic processes
  • Nitrogen mobilisation (nitrate reduction)
  • Photosynthesis (chlorophyll synthesis)
  • Protein and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Hormone balance
  • Synthesis of vitamins

Whereby manganese deficiency is enhanced?

  • Humus-rich soil
  • Sandy, loose soil
  • Coldness and moisture
  • Severe drying of soil