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Molybdenum (Mo)

About molybdenum

Molybdenum availability is low on light and acidic soils (sandy half-bog soils, highmoor soils, garden mould and nutrient substratums) as well as during dryness.

Symptoms of molybdenum deficiency

Molybdenum deficiency is shown mainly on younger leaves, but also by chlorosis in older leaves. The leaf-edges get necrosis fast and curl, the leaf laminas are reduced, partially only with growing leaf veins ("whiptail" symptoms) . In general you can notice a reduced growth with lightened leaves and a tendency to wither. In cauliflower you can observe the formation of deformed leaves (shape of hook).

What is molybdenum important for?

  • Chlorophyll synthesis
  • Catalyst in the conversion from nitrate to nitrite in the plant
  • A constituent of certain enzymes, e.g. nitrogenase
  • Protein metabolism
  • Part of the enzyme for N2 fixing for rhizobiaceae

Whereby molybdenum deficiency is enhanced?

  • Soil with a low pH value
  • Dryness
  • Leaching in coarsely textured chalky soil