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Phosphorus (P)

About phosphorus

Phosphorus availability is low on acidic or very alkaline (calcareaus) soils, soils with low organic matter or in iron rich soils and in cold and wet conditions. Phosphorus deficiency often appears in crops with a poorly developed root system.

Symptoms of phosphorus deficiency

Phosphorus deficiency is shown by fewer and smaller potatoe tubers, small, dark green younger leaves, stunted plants, red colouration on stems and leaves, lower fruit quality and reduced storage potential.

 What is phosphorus important for?

  • Energy transport
  • Cell division
  • Nucleic acid synthesis
  • Protein synthesis
  • Component in cell membranes (phospholipids)
  • Carbohydrate metabolism

Whereby phosphorus deficiency is enhanced?

  • Acidic or severely alkaline (calcareous) soil
  • Low humus content
  • Coldness or moisture
  • Crops with a poorly develop root system
  • Phosphate-fixing soil
  • High iron and aluminium content