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Sulphur (S)

About sulphur

Sulphur availability is low on acidic soils, light or sandy soils, with low humus content, bad soil aeration.

Symptoms of sulphur deficiency

Sulphur deficiency is shown by grey/yellow marbling on younger leaves, stunted growth, pale yellow flowers, delayed maturity and reduced oil content in oilseeds.

 What is sulphur important for?

  • Protein synthesis – essential amino acids (cysteine, methionine), coenzyme A,
    vitamins (biotin, thiamine, vitamin B)
  • N regulation within the plant
  • Oil synthesis in oleaginous fruits
  • Component in glutens (disulphide bridges)
  • Involved in the glutathione redox system
  • Involved in the respiration metabolism via many compounds
  • Promotes plant tolerance against fungal infections
  • Yield and quality

Whereby sulphur deficiency is enhanced?

  • Acidic soil
  • Light or sandy soil (leaching)
  • Low humus content
  • Poorly ventilated soil (waterlogging)