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Zinc (Zn)

About zinc

Zinc availability is low on humic soils, with high pH-value, in phosphorus rich soils and in cold wet conditions.

Symptoms of zinc deficiency

Zinc deficiency is shown by pale stripes, orange tinge, stunted plants and small leaves.

 What is zinc important for?

  • Correct functioning of many enzymatic systems
  • Nucleic acid synthesis/ energy metabolism
  • Protein metabolism
  • Auxin metabolism (formation of tryptophan, phytohormone)
  • Synthesis of vitamin C and B vitamins
  • Fertilisation processes (pollen fertility)
  • Promotion of Ca uptake

Whereby zinc deficiency is enhanced?

  • Humus-rich soil
  • High pH value (> 6.5)
  • Soil with a high phosphorus and copper content
  • Excessive nitrogen supply
  • Coldness and moisture