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Additive BVL-No 6296-60
Wetting-/adhesive agent

82,9 % Refined paraffin oil ,
17,1 % Co-formulants

Density: 0,88

pH-Value: 6,0 - 7,0

Color: light-blue


Our products are tested between -10 °C and + 45°C and can be stored within this temperature-range. Occurring crystals due to cold storage will dissolve again at higher temperatures. We recommend a frost-free storage and a product-temperature above +5 °C at the time of use.


Herbosol® is compatible with the common herbicides. Since not all the influences appearing in practice are predictable, a compatibility test with small amounts of the products provided for the spraying is always useful. In case of mixture with fertilizers or plant protection products fill sprayer up to 2/3 with water and add products separately. Always add Herbosol® as the last component.

Product active agent

Herbosol® is an additive, which has been developed especially as an additive for residual herbicides. It causes:

  1. a better distribution of spraying liquid, as well as
  2. a better adhesion of residual herbicides to soil particles, whereby the herbicies move less in the lower soil layer, which leads to a better weed effect of the herbicide.

However, crop plants that are already more deeply rooted, absorb less herbicide agent.

Amount of water used: refer to instructions of respective herbicide. Waiting time: refer to instructions of respective herbicide.


Crop Aim/Problem Recommendation Time
In all crops Improvement in effectiveness and tolerability of soil-applied herbicides 0,2 - 0,4 l/ha Herbosol® (depending on soil quality: heavy soil, high humus content 0,2 l/ha; light soil, low humus content 0,6 l/ha ) With soil-applied herbicides