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Lebosol®-MaisSpezial SC

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Mixed micronutrient fertiliser with boron (B) and zinc (Zn)

7 % Water-soluble boron (B) as boron ethanolamine (B) 95 g/l ,
5,7 % Total zinc (Zn) as zinc oxide (Zn) 80 g/l

also contains: 7 % Total nitrogen as ureic nitrogen (95 g/l N)

Density: 1,39

pH-Value: 8,0

Color: white


Our products are tested between -10 °C and + 45°C and can be stored within this temperature-range. Occurring crystals due to cold storage will dissolve again at higher temperatures. We recommend a frost-free storage and a product-temperature above +5 °C at the time of use.


Lebosol®-MaisSpezial SC is compatible with all commonly used plant protection products. Since not all the influences appearing in practice are predictable, a miscibility test with small amounts of the products provided for the spraying is always useful. In case of mixture with fertilizers or plant protection products fill sprayer up to 2/3 with water and add products separately. Add Lebosol®-MaisSpezial SC as the last component.

Product active agent

Boron is difficult to obtain on sandy soil, with a high nitrogen or calcium content, under cold and wet conditions and dryness.

Boron deficiency shows up in the form of shortened internodes, twisted and curled-up leaves, and short and poorly defined bulbs.

Zinc is difficult to obtain on humic soil, with a high pH value, a high phosphorus content and under cold and wet conditions.

Zinc deficiency shows up in the form of band-like lighter areas on younger leaves and grey to brown areas on both sides of the midrib.


Crop Aim/Problem Recommendation Time
In all crops For boron and zinc nutrition, calcium transport, pollen quality, yield, flowering quality, photosynthesis rate, reduction in radiation stress (antioxidant) 2 - 4 l/ha Lebosol®-MaisSpezial SC (as foliar fertilization in 200 - 400 l water. Upon application with backpack sprayer 0.5%) When required
In all crops Seed dressing Lebosol®-MaisSpezial SC As seed dressing
Maize Ensuring of yield-forming factors, stimulation of early growth development, energy content 2 - 3 l/ha Lebosol®-MaisSpezial SC From 4-leaf stage