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Lebosol®-Schaumstopp PRO

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according to § 42 Pflanzenschutzgesetz (Law on plant protection)

BVL-Approval-No. A098-00

26 % Polydimethylsiloxane as effective formulant

Density: 1

pH-Value: 8,0 - 9,0

Color: weiß


Our products are tested between -10 °C and + 45°C and can be stored within this temperature-range. Occurring crystals due to cold storage will dissolve again at higher temperatures. We recommend a frost-free storage and a product-temperature above +5 °C at the time of use.


Lebosol®-Schaumstopp PRO is combinable with all major pesticides.

Product active agent

Lebosol®-Schaumstopp PRO is an additive to defoam in the production of plant protecting sprayings as well as in the filling of liquid manure barrels. In addition, it is also suitable for a faster rinsing of empty pesticides bundles.


Crop Aim/Problem Recommendation Time
In all crops To defoam spray liquids 1,4 ml Lebosol®-Schaumstopp PRO (per 100 l water) To defoam spray liquids - Add to the water in the tank before mixing the spray liquid