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Additive BVL No. 6789-00

18 % Polydimethylsiloxane ,
10 % Formulation enhancers Emulsion in water

Density: 1,00

pH-Value: 7,0

Color: white


Our products are tested between -10 °C and + 45°C and can be stored within this temperature-range. Occurring crystals due to cold storage will dissolve again at higher temperatures. We recommend a frost-free storage and a product-temperature above +5 °C at the time of use.


Lebosol®-Schaumstopp is combinable with all major pesticides.

Product active agent

Lebosol®-Schaumstopp is an additive to defoam in the production of plant protecting sprayings as well as in the filling of liquid manure barrels. In addition, it is also suitable for a faster rinsing of empty pesticides bundles.


Crop Aim/Problem Recommendation Time
In all crops To defoam spray liquids 1,4 ml Lebosol®-Schaumstopp (in 100 l water) To defoam spray liquids - Add to the water in the tank before mixing the spray liquid