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Liquid trace nutrient mixture solution with copper (Cu), manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn), foliar fertilizer

2 % Water-soluble copper (Cu) as copper nitrate 30 g/l ,
6,7 % Water-soluble manganese (Mn) as manganese nitrate 100 g/l ,
5,5 % Water-soluble zinc (Zn) as zinc nitrate 80 g/l

also contains: 7,7 % Total nitrogen (115 g/l N); 6,7 % Nitrate nitrogen; 1 % Org. bound nitrogen; 6,9 % Org. substance (100 g/l)

Density: 1,57

pH-Value: 2,0

Color: green-blue


Our products are tested between -10 °C and + 45°C and can be stored within this temperature-range. Occurring crystals due to cold storage will dissolve again at higher temperatures. We recommend a frost-free storage and a product-temperature above +5 °C at the time of use.


Lebosol®-Triple-NitroMix is compatible with all commonly used plant protection products. Since not all the influences appearing in practice are predictable, a miscibility test with small amounts of the products provided for the spraying is always useful.  In case of mixture with fertilizers or plant protection products fill sprayer up to 2/3 with water and add products separately. Add Lebosol®-Triple-NitroMix as the last component.

Product active agent

Manganese, zinc and copper are difficult to obtain under the same conditions: in humic, sandy, loose soil, with a high pH value, with dryness or under cold and wet conditions.

A manganese deficiency can be identified by a yellow discolouration of the leaves, black spots on the leaf, light-green marbling between the main veins, and poorer quality.

Zinc deficiency shows up in the form of chlorotic stripes, orange colouring, stunted growth, and small leaves.

Copper deficiency shows up in the form of a twisted flag leaf and twisted younger leaves, corkscrew-shaped and sagging leaf points, (partially) barren panicles/ears, poor grain shape, and stunted plants.


Crop Aim/Problem Recommendation Time
In all crops To supply the nutrients manganese, copper and zinc 1 - 2 l/ha Lebosol®-Triple-NitroMix (in min. 200 l water) When required