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Oхрана окружающей среды и устойчивое развитие

We are commited to an economical use of energy

Around a quarter of the overall German mix of energy today consists of renewable energies. The prodominant share continues to be produced in the conventional manner, resulting in continuous carbon dioxide emissions into our environment.

To contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint, we aim to use energy in our company as efficiently as possible and to keep it at a low level in line with the company aims. For instance, the company's own solar heat system provides our building with hot water and thus effectively reduces CO2 emissions. What's more, we rely on efficient technical solutions in our manufacturing in order to use energy in an economical manner.


We make our products sustainable

Within our process technology, we work continuously on optimising our products in terms of their sustainability. Raw materials are gained from processed recyclable materials, where possible.

What’s more, we work continuously on formulae for the efficient leaf absorption of our products in order to also protect resources in this way.

We protect water as a resource

Especially because of our continuous need for freshwater, we also count on the responsible handling of this. Water is among the renewable resources. Nevertheless, clean drinking water is a precious commodity, which is filtered through natural cleaning mechanisms in our environment over a period ranging from decades to millennia.

In order to guarantee a reliable supply of clean drinking water in the future, we rely continuously on water recycling within our operational processes. Water for plant cleaning and rinsing is primarily recycled in the manufacturing cycle.

We make our logistics environmentally friendly and resource efficient

The majority of environmentally harmful exhaust gas and heavy metal emissions can be attributed to the burning of fuels. Besides private transportation, commercial and industrial logistics play a crucial role. We would like to make a contribution to improving general air quality and quality of life by optimising our logistics in a strategic and long-term manner. We work together with regional suppliers, and thus manage to reduce transport routes.

Optimum packaging sizes and systems enable us to reduce routes and, through the best possible utilisation of vehicles, reduce fuel consumption and thus emissions over the long term. In terms of our commitment to continuous improvement, we see future potential here.

The quality and environmental aims of Lebosol® Dünger GmbH harmonise with the policy of the company.