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Zwei Personen die in ihren Händen gemeinsam eine Pflanze mit Erde halten

Lebosol® – Company, employer and partner

In the foliar fertilisation field for three decades

We are an owner-operated, medium-sized company with around 120 employees, which has been specializing in the manufacture and distribution of liquid foliar fertilizers for over 30 years. We stand for the flexible manufacturing of quality products from the broad field of fertilizers, some of which are approved for the organic segment, and competent advice regarding their application.

Furthermore, we specialize in the manufacture of liquid fertilizers and special products for agriculture, gardening and special crops. Our high-quality product portfolio and the customer-oriented services are aimed towards businesses within arable farming, fruit farming, wine growing and vegetable farming, as well as businesses with special crops. We offer tailored solutions through product developments and outstanding product quality.

Our Board of Management


Scope of certification: Mixing, filling and sending of chemical-technical products in costumer order.

We place particular importance on this

For us, quality, reliability, safety and flexibility are what matter. This aspiration applies from the development and manufacturing of the products to their quality control and use; the whole spectrum is looked after as a full service. This naturally includes providing optimum advice to our customers with regard to the selection of the ideal product, the right dosage and the application of the product to cater to the customer’s needs.


Three locations in Germany

Our headquarters are located in the Elmstein district of Iggelbach in the heart of the Palatinate Forest. This is where, among other things, Lebosol®’s accounting, HR and purchasing departments are located. The two manufacturing sites are located in Sembach, in Junkers-Straße and Zeppelinstraße. Alongside production and warehouses, part of the administration (including logistics, marketing, IT and legal compliance) is also based here. Despite our various locations, we are closely linked to each other and are in constant communication.


Internationality – Our subsidiaries

Lebosol® currently has several subsidiaries abroad. These include Lebosol® Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Lebosol® Bel in Belarus. We work closely with our subsidiaries to tap into new markets over the long term, improve our strengths in manufacturing and be present in a wide range of sales markets. This internationality strengthens us when it comes to handling globalization processes and helps us adapt to climate changes or local purchasing behaviours.


Our future vision – where we want to go

We strive to play a pioneering role when it comes to innovation, sustainability, expert consulting and customer satisfaction. We are aware of our obligation towards society in general and agriculture in particular, as well as towards future generations, and so we continue to contribute towards safeguarding the future in the long-term, during which economic, ecological and social aspects are harmonised.


Lebosol® is ...