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Feld mit Rotkohl und Weisskohl nebeneinander gepflanzt
Icon eines dunkelgrünen Kreises mit der Kontur einer dreiblättrigen Pflanze

The right nutrient supply for vegetable farming with our foliar fertilisers

The efficient foliar fertilization of fruiting vegetables, root vegetables and tubers as well as cole crops, leafy vegetables and bulb vegetables has long been established and widespread at Lebosol®.

Fruiting vegetables

Promoting the plant’s own repellents plays a crucial role in vegetable farming. A treatment with potassium or magnesium phosphite boosts resilience.

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Cole crops, leafy vegetables and bulb vegetables

Promoting leaf quality and health with micronutrient fertilisation.

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For asparagus cultivation to be economically successful, it is important that the grower ensures that the plants can recover in the best possible way after cutting.

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Root vegetables and tubers

Carrot cultivation has become increasingly concentrated over recent years. The growing demands on yields with correspondingly high quality standards have led to specialization.

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