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What is Lebosol®-Boron?

Lebosol®-Boron is a boron fertiliser used for foliar fertilisation of plants. It contains boron in a readily available form and is the standard product for use to correct boron deficiencies in plants.

How does Lebosol®-Boron work?

Lebosol®-Boron is often used in agriculture and horticulture to promote plant growth and development. Boron plays an essential role in cell division, the formation of cell walls and is important for flower quality. A boron deficiency can lead to, among other things, reduced growth, the death of the vegetation cone and poor flowering or reduced fruit set.

What are the advantages of Lebosol®-Boron?

  • Effective uptake of boron: The application of Lebosol®-Boron to the foliage enables fast and effective uptake.
  • Precise dosage: With a foliar fertiliser like Lebosol®-Boron, the dosage of boron can be controlled more precisely.
  • Correction of boron deficiency: Lebosol®-Boron can help to correct boron deficiency in plants.


For correct product application, we recommend these dosages in the respective crop.

Oilseed rape

For what?Stem stability, husk firmness, N efficiency, winter hardiness, even maturation, oil content
How often?2 – 4 times 2 – 3 l/ha
When?From 4-leaf-stage

Pome fruit

For what?Fruit set, skin quality, flower bud development, winter hardiness
How often?2 – 4 times 1 l/ha
When?From red buds

Stone fruit

For what?Fruit set, skin quality, flower bud development, winter hardiness
How often?2 – 3 times 1 l/ha
When?From fruit set


For what?To prevent deformed berries; sugar content, flower bud development, winter hardiness
How often?1 – 3 times 1 – 2 l/ha
When?From green buds


For what?N efficiency, internal quality, skin firmness
How often?1 – 4 times 1 l/ha
When?From 6-leaf stage

Your crop is not there?

Here you can download all Lebosol®-Boron application recommendations.


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