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Männerhände die einen Haufen Erde halten

The basis of foliar fertilisation from Lebosol®

The nutriplant® series with a total of five products forms our in-house range of NPK fertilizers, which are also formulated with a targeted coordination of the three macronutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). These macronutrient elements are essential for growth and sufficient yield. Further nutritional elements also supplement our nutriplant® products.

The liquid formulation of our NPK fertilizers makes the nutrients more readily available to the plants in order to give them an appropriate, sustainable supply.

We will be happy to provide further assistance to achieve a reliable application, in which other nutrients are integrated and many further components such as the right pH value are taken into account.

The right balance between the various nutrients, which have different properties and functionalities, is important. This is why we have created a brief overview of the three chemical elements. You can find more information in our glossary.

Our NPK fertilisers