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What is Aminosol®?

Aminosol® is an organic liquid fertiliser that can be used as a foliar fertiliser and is approved for organic cultivation. As the core product in our range, it has become the standard for fertilising with amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, carbohydrates and chlorophyll, among others, and are excellently absorbed through the leaf and integrated into photosynthesis.

How does Aminosol® work?

By fertilising Aminosol® via the leaf or soil, a plant does not receive the necessary nutrients as individual parts (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water) as is usually the case, but directly complete building blocks (amino acids). This supports growth, especially in stress situations.

What are the other advantages of Aminosol®?

  • Amino acids serve as building blocks of auxins and therefore promote cell division and root development.
  • Faster revitalisation of the fertilised plant in the event of stress caused by weather extremes or herbicides.
  • Effectiveness and tolerance of plant protection products and fertilisers are improved by Aminosol®.


For correct product application, we recommend these dosages in the respective crop.

Pome fruit

For what?In apples: first pink and full pink stage; pears: before and after flowering
How often?2 times 5 – 7,5 l/ha
When?Promotion of fruit set, fruit size and colouration, minimisation of russeting

General vegetables

For what?Initial development, growth, root formation, prevention of spray marks
How often?5 – 10 l/ha (or immerse the trays in a solution of 1% or shower plants with a 0.5% solution.)
When?7 – 10 days after planting

Stone fruit

For what?Promotion of fruit set, fruit growth, less cherry run off
How often?3 times 5 – 7,5 l/ha
When?From the end of flowering at intervals of 8 days


For what?Faster recovery of the plant after film removal for early potatoes
How often?2 – 3 l/ha
When?Following film removal


For what?Fruit set, quality
How often?2 – 3 times 5 – 7,5 l/ha
When?From the beginning of flowering at intervals of 8 days (in yield facilities)

Your crop is not there?

Here you can download all Aminosol® application recommendations.


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