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Kleine, zweiblättrige Pflanze mit Tropfen am Blatt

The right fertiliser for you

We have a wide range of foliar fertilizers and products for agriculture. You can get an overview of our product family here and find the right fertilizer for you. The categories are divided into organic fertilizers, special fertilizers, plant protection products, NPK fertilizers and additives. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, our search will also help you.

For every product, you will find the precise information on the ingredients, product active ingredients and corresponding application recommendations. The organic listing for each product is also filed.

Nutrients and ingredients

The goals of Lebosol® include the comprehensive nutrition of plants from arable farming, fruit growing, viticulture, vegetable growing and other crops. Our foliar fertilisers contain essential micronutrients and macronutrients so that they can be fully supplied. These are available from us in the form of single nutrient fertilisers and as compound fertilisers. Each of these elements makes a decisive contribution to the well-being and maintenance of plants. Since there is a large number of important nutrients, we have created an overview here where you can read the most important information and find suitable product recommendations from our Lebosol® range.


All of our products can be mixed with the established plant protection products from other manufacturers. However, it is not possible to anticipate all eventualities within the practical application, so we recommend spraying a small quantity of test mixture. When mixing, it is important that the foliar fertilizers or plant protection products are added individually and topped up to two thirds with water in the sprayer. Our products should always be diluted with water and added as the last component while being stirred constantly.



To ensure that our products can be used without any problems in terms of their applicability and functionality, we recommend frost-free storage above +5°C. All products are tested at -10°C to +45°C. Crystals possibly caused by the cold dissolve gain with heat.