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What drives us, connects us and unites us

We strive to be brave, passionate and dynamic. With this in mind, we create a workplace in which you can feel comfortable, as all of our employees, and not just our customers, are at the centre of our thoughts and actions. In doing so, we create the necessary motivation to satisfy individual requests and needs. Fundamental social rules and manners serve as guidelines for us in terms of our corporate culture and strengthen our sense of belonging as well as fairness and acceptance among one other.


What awaits you

Alongside exciting tasks in a future-proof industry, we offer you additional personal and professional benefits.


Further & advanced training

  • We want to always keep up to date, so we promote a wide range of further and advanced training courses as well as additional qualifications in order to open up further professional prospects. New challenges can only be tackled with specialized expertise. This is why we are investing in the expertise of all of our employees and creating a comprehensive range of training courses. Further vocational training is also welcomed. We additionally support personal further training in your free time, irrespective of your professional activities. With our employee programme “Mach’s für dich!” (English: Do it for you!), we offer financial support, e.g., for your next language, cooking or sports course.

Events and activities

  • It can be valuable to get to know each other across teams beyond your work. This is why we support joint employee activities with the programme “Mach mit!” (English: Get involved!). Within this, groups can carry out their choice of activities, which are supported for everyone within a financial framework. Whether it be going for a meal together, go-karting or rock climbing. We not only see ourselves as a team, but want to offer the opportunity to experience something together and strengthen team spirit across departments.

Company pension scheme (bAV)

  • It is never too late for the future. Lebosol® helps you to secure an income in your old age and creates opportunities to prepare for and plan your retirement. To enable you to enjoy your retirement, we help all of our employees to set up private pension provision in the form of a company pension. We help you to reduce your pension shortfall and balance it out with additional state support. We offer individual consultations and will be happy to help you with this topic.