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Traktor fährt über ein Feld mit kleinen Pflanzen und bringt Gülle aus

The additives of Lebosol®

Beyond our foliar fertilizers, we have developed Lebosol®-Antifoam Pro and Lebosol®-Citric acid, two important additives for agriculture that supplement the broad spectrum of our products. Both have proven of use in professional agriculture over the years.

Additives include preparations that consist of one or more constituents that, when mixed with a plant protection product or other pesticidal properties, increase its effect.

In critical application conditions, tank mixtures with additives can help to crucially improve the effectiveness of the agents.

We always offer the right advice to highlight the significant differences in the effect, for instance, of oils or water conditioners. This allows the strengths and weaknesses of the products to be clarified and ensures safe, efficient use.

Our additives