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Lebosol®: For Efficient Plant Nutrition and Foliar Fertilisers

Optimal Fertilisers, Comprehensive Advice, and Sustainable Solutions

Discover everything you need to know about our high-quality fertilizers and foliar fertilizers on our website. Our user-friendly Product overview makes it easy to select the right products, especially organic fertilizers. For each product, we provide five specific application recommendations for various Crops.

Our Glossary offers comprehensive information on micro and macronutrients essential for healthy plant nutrition. Learn more about our sustainable initiatives under "Sustainability" and gain insights into our company at "About Lebosol."

We are always available for individual consultation and support you with any questions about our products and their application. Trust Lebosol® for sustainable and efficient plant nutrition.

Lebosol® – sustainable plant nutrition

From the root to the tip of the leaf, we work to achieve needs-appropriate plant nutrition in which quality, reliability and safety are the top priorities. Our Lebosol® foliar fertilizers are all “Made in Germany” and are successfully used in professional agriculture around the world. We also continue to rely on our expert sales advice, our flexible manufacture of high-quality liquid fertilizers and the expansion of ecological organic products.

Find out all about our products, their applications in various types of plant cultivation and Lebosol® as a company here.

Lebosol® is ...