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What is Lebosol®-Manganese 500 SC?

Lebosol®-Manganese 500 SC is a foliar fertiliser containing 500 g/l manganese. Manganese is an important trace element for plants, which is needed for various metabolic processes and enzyme activities. A deficiency of manganese can lead to growth disorders and yield losses. It is listed by FiBL and can also be used in organic farming.

How does Lebosol®-Manganese 500 SC work?

Lebosol®-Manganese 500 SC works by specifically supplying plants with manganese via the leaf. The manganese is absorbed by the leaves and then transported into the plant cells. There it is involved in various metabolic processes, such as photosynthesis, the effective use of water or also nitrogen. The targeted supply of manganese enables plants to grow optimally.

What are the special advantages of Lebosol®-Manganese 500 SC?

  • Efficacy: Lebosol®-Manganese 500 SC is a slow-flowing source of manganese and particularly suitable for autumn application in arable farming.
  • Miscibility: Lebosol®-Manganese 500 SC is easy to apply and can be combined with other crop protection products.
  • Compatibility: due to its formulation, Lebosol®-Manganese 500 SC is particularly well tolerated, which is important for sensitive crops in fruit and vegetable cultivation.


For correct product application, we recommend these dosages in the respective crop.

Pome fruit

For what?N efficiency, leaf quality, increased vitality (e.g. in cold conditions), fruit colouration
How often?2 – 4 times 1 l/ha
When?Red bud until harvest

Sugar beet

For what?N efficiency, increased vitality (e. g. in cold conditions)
How often?1 – 3 times 1 – 2 l/ha
When?From 6-leaf stage

Dessert grapes

For what?N efficiency, increased vitality (e. g. in cold conditions)
How often?2 – 3 times 1 l/ha
When?Inflorescences visible


For what?N efficiency, vitality, skin quality
How often?2 – 4 times 1 – 2 l/ha
When?From 6-leaf stage

In all crops

For what?To provide manganese, leaf quality, yield, water balance, photosynthesis rate, reduction in radiation stress (antioxidant).
How often?Numerous applications of 0.5 – 2 l/ha (in at least 200 l water. Upon application with backpack sprayer 0.25%.)
When?When required

Your crop is not there?

Here you can download all recommendations of Lebosol®-Manganese 500 SC.


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