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Viele Solaranlagen (Photovoltaik) Panele mit Sonnenschein auf dem Firmendach von Lebosol und Semfill

Lebosol® even more sustainable –

in plant nutrition and for the environment

The Lebosol® slogan

Lebosol®’s basic values include sustainable actions that do not place any burdens on the environment or future generations. This is why the topic of sustainability has become part of our new slogan. The slogan, which is also our guiding principle, always appears in combination with our company logo and contains Lebosol®’s unique selling point.

The former “Fürs Pflanzenwohl” (English: for the plant’s well-being) has become “sustainable plant nutrition”.

The importance of sustainability for Lebosol®

Sustainability actually has multiple meanings for us: if we consider that “sustainable” means viable, future-proof or stable, it is clear that this refers not only to plant nutrition but also to the sustainable actions of the company.

This is why we believe in sustainable plant nutrition that strengthens the plant in the long term, thus making it more resilient, longer-lasting and healthier overall, while also taking into account our use of raw materials as a company and ensuring that we do not place any burdens on the environment and future generations.

As a result, our slogan includes precisely this unique selling point of Lebosol®. Sustainable management for flora and the environment.

In which other areas do we act sustainably?

Photovoltaic systems and e-charging columns

The photovoltaic systems on the roofs of all the buildings at Lebosol® represent a major step towards sustainable management. It was not until December 2021 that further systems were installed on the production hall in Junkers-Straße in Sembach. This allows Lebosol® to produce electricity with a peak output of up to 600 kWh, which can be easily used in the production of our foliar fertilizers and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of our manufacturing.

This not only benefits production, but also reduces emissions in other areas, such as the charging of electric vehicles, if the electricity comes from solar electricity that we have produced ourselves. As demand for battery charging stations is also growing, new electric charging stations have been installed in Sembach in Junkers-Straße and Zeppelinstraße. This offers every employee the opportunity to charge their electric or hybrid car.

Digitalization in all working areas

We adopt paperless working methods in the office wherever possible. We also carefully assess each process in order to carry it out digitally and thus without any printouts or storage in folders or files. This ensures documents can be accessed quickly beyond our locations and avoids the constant expenditure of sending documents by post. We additionally offer all of our employees the option of having their payslips sent digitally instead of by post in paper form.

We also always prefer digital communication during job applications or when issuing invoices. Online interaction is a key communication method for us, as we hold job interviews and cross-site team meetings online in order to avoid emissions caused by travelling by car.

Energy efficiency and resource conservation

Lebosol® products are exclusively made in Germany. With the manufacture of our foliar fertilizers “Made in Germany”, we maintain a high quality standard and can ensure that the manufacturing process is efficient. Over the decades, we have refined the development and production of fertilizers and systematically optimized our processes in production, filling and logistics with regard to their efficacy and systems.

We no longer produce any wastewater when manufacturing our foliar fertilizers, but instead we feed the rinsing water back into production and reuse it in our manufacturing cycle. This prevents over 100,000 l of soiled water per year, which would otherwise need to be cleaned in wastewater treatment plants.

Locally manufactured product packaging made from recycled material

We keep our supply chain short in order to avoid unnecessarily long transport routes and prevent any bottlenecks in the deliveries of raw materials from suppliers. This is why we have opted for local, certified providers for the manufacture of our canisters rather than overseas manufacturers. This allows us to form close partnerships in the region in the long term and avoid emission-intensive shipping and the non-transparent manufacture of our green canisters abroad.

Unfortunately, we are unable to legally manufacture our canisters from 100% recycled material, although we use the maximum legally permitted content of recycled plastic and feed the product packaging back into the recycling process as part of the PAMIRA® disposal system.

Efficient, coordinated logistics

The majority of environmentally harmful exhaust gas and heavy metal emissions can be attributed to the burning of fuels. Besides private transportation, commercial and industrial logistics play a crucial role. We would like to make a contribution to improving general air quality and quality of life by optimising our logistics in a strategic and long-term manner. We work together with regional suppliers, and thus manage to reduce transport routes.

Optimum packaging sizes and systems enable us to reduce routes and, through the best possible utilization of vehicles, reduce fuel consumption and thus emissions over the long term.

Rubbish bins and waste disposal in the Sembach industrial park

We are taking action against the rubbish around Junkers- and Zeppelinstr. at the roadside and in the green strip in the Sembach industrial park. In a regular rubbish collection campaign, we would like to ensure more cleanliness in the entire business park and thus protect nature and the environment from long-term pollution caused by improper rubbish disposal.

In addition, we offer a waste disposal facility at the fences of our two sites in Junkers-Str. 2 and Zeppelinstr. 2 - 4. In this way, we would also like to ensure more cleanliness and less environmental pollution in the long term.

Responsible paper – certified copy and flyer paper

Not everything is possible digitally. If something does have to be printed, then it has to be done with as little environmental impact as possible. That's why we use certified copy paper made from 100% recycled paper that is subject to the strict requirements of the Blauer Engel and the EU Ecolabel. In this way, we avoid deforestation of trees, reduce high water consumption and support lower energy consumption during production.

We also attach importance to sustainability in our flyer paper. We print as many flyers as possible in-house, using only FSC-certified paper with the EU Ecolabel. We also use certified paper externally. These seals guarantee that the paper comes from responsible and sustainable forestry. In this way, we want to ensure that all materials are obtained in an ecologically sensible way and promote the protection of forests.