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Bodenmessgerät zur Ermittlung des pH-Werts im Boden wird in den Boden gesteckt, kleine Pflänzchen im Hintergrund zu erkennen

Molybdenum (Mo)

What is molybdenum important for?

  • Chlorophyll synthesis
  • Catalyst in the conversion from nitrate to nitrite in the plant
  • A constituent of certain enzymes, e.g. nitrogenise
  • Protein metabolism
  • Part of the enzyme for N2 fixing for rhizobiaceae

Symptoms of molybdenum deficiency

Molybdenum deficiency is shown mainly on younger leaves, but also by chlorosis in older leaves. The leaf-edges get necrosis fast and curl, the leaf laminas are reduced, partially only with growing leaf veins ("whiptail" symptoms) . In general you can notice a reduced growth with lightened leaves and a tendency to wither. In cauliflower you can observe the formation of deformed leaves (shape of hook).

Whereby molybdenum deficiency is enhanced?

  • Soil with a low pH value
  • Dryness
  • Leaching in coarsely textured chalky soil

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