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Bodenmessgerät zur Ermittlung des pH-Werts im Boden wird in den Boden gesteckt, kleine Pflänzchen im Hintergrund zu erkennen

Sulphur (S)

What is sulphur important for?

  • Protein synthesis – essential amino acids (cysteine, methionine), coenzyme A,
    vitamins (biotin, thiamine, vitamin B)
  • N regulation within the plant
  • Oil synthesis in oleaginous fruits
  • Component in glutens (disulphide bridges)
  • Involved in the glutathione redox system
  • Involved in the respiration metabolism via many compounds
  • Promotes plant tolerance against fungal infections
  • Yield and quality

Symptoms of sulphur deficiency

Sulphur deficiency is shown by grey/yellow marbling on younger leaves, stunted growth, pale yellow flowers, delayed maturity and reduced oil content in oilseeds.

Whereby sulphur deficiency is enhanced?

  • Acidic soil
  • Light or sandy soil (leaching)
  • Low humus content
  • Poorly ventilated soil (waterlogging)