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Bodenmessgerät zur Ermittlung des pH-Werts im Boden wird in den Boden gesteckt, kleine Pflänzchen im Hintergrund zu erkennen

Zinc (Zn)

What is zinc important for?

  • Correct functioning of many enzymatic systems
  • Nucleic acid synthesis/ energy metabolism
  • Protein metabolism
  • Auxin metabolism (formation of tryptophan, phytohormone)
  • Synthesis of vitamin C and B vitamins
  • Fertilisation processes (pollen fertility)
  • Promotion of Ca uptake

Symptoms of zinc deficiency

Zinc deficiency is shown by pale stripes, orange tinge, stunted plants and small leaves.

Whereby zinc deficiency is enhanced?

  • Humus-rich soil
  • High pH value (> 6.5)
  • Soil with a high phosphorus and copper content
  • Excessive nitrogen supply
  • Coldness and moisture