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Foliar fertilisation in soft fruits

The foliar fertilisation with micro-nutrients (e.g. manganese, iron, boron, magnesium) is well established since many years. Foliar fertilisers can be used preventive as integrated part of the fertiliser strategy or curative, if it comes to a nutrient deficiency and visible symptoms.

The leaf analysis can help to detect the level and status of each element.

Spray schedule soft fruit - When to apply Lebosol® fertiliser?

Download our handy PDF with the spray schedule for soft fruit now! This unique application calendar/fertilisation plan contains all foliar fertilisers recommended by Lebosol® for bush berries. Here you will find valuable information about which fertilizers can be used for which purpose.

You will easily find the optimal time to apply our products to ensure an efficient and effective fertilisation of your berries. Never miss the ideal moment to maximise the full growth potential of your fruit trees with Lebosol®.

Download our unique spray schedule now and optimise your fertilisation practices for raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, currants and elderberries!

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Nutrient availability

Many parameters in the soil can limit the availability of nutrients – high pH-values can block micro-nutrients, low pH-values can block macro-nutrients. But also dry and cold weather conditions, soil texture and some nutrient antagonism (e.g. oversupply with potassium vs. magnesium and calcium) can lead to a nutrient deficiency.

Specific requirements for soft fruits

Cultivation of soft fruits has strongly grown over the last few years. All bush berries, especially currants, are very sensitive to chloride. Blueberries are requesting a low pH value of soil. The problem is, that the soil pH value is influencing the nutrient availability – low pH values can lead to macro nutrient deficiency and high pH-values can limit the availability of micro nutrients. Especially, a deficiency of iron and / or manganese will cause yellowing of the leaves (chloroses).

Fruit quality and shelf life

Lebosol®-Calcium-Forte SC, chloride free, will improve the calcium concentration in the fruit and enhance quality and shelf life. Besides that, Lebosol®-Calcium-Forte SC is containing the micro nutrients manganese and zinc as well.

Iron chlorosis

Symptoms of iron chloroses will be visible by yellowing of the youngest leaves with dark veins. Different factors, e.g. soil structure, moisture and pH value will influence the iron availability. The foliar fertiliser Lebosol®-HeptaIron will enhance the iron supply. For better spreading and uptake, the product is formulated with amino acids as well.

Flowering, fruit setting & yield

The application of Aminosol® before the flowering will enhance fruit setting and fruit growth because of the combination of amino acids and the auxin effect.

Boron with calcium (Lebosol®-Robustus SC) and zinc (Lebosol®-Zinc 700 SC) are crucial for the pollen formation, flowering and the fruit setting. These products should be applied before the flowering.